We can modify almost any type of shoe or boot to compensate for a leg length discrepancy. Even minimalist foot wear.  We do both inserts and external full length lifts. In our experience the maximum height most individuals can comfortably fit inside of a shoe is about ¼ inch. Therefore, most of the time, we add a lift  to the sole of the shoe.

The only style shoe we don’t lift is a pump or stiletto. Our recommendation is to find a wedge style shoe with a similar look.

We do not measure leg length discrepancy. Once the lift height is determined by a qualified professional we can lift the shoe.

Nicely integrated shoe lift

Full length split-sole lift


Full length lift – up to and including 3/8”$65
Full length lift – 7/16” up to and including 1”$90
Full length lift – Over 1”$50 for each height increment over the initial 1 inch (approx)

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