Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

As with most resoles, two major considerations come into play when you’re thinking about putting new soles on your hikers: (1) Condition: Does the upper have enough life in it to make re-soling a good option? and (2) Cost of the re-sole.

Condition: We want your re-sole to last a long time. If we think the upper is just too far gone, we’ll tell you (and give you permission to shop for new boots).

Cost: we usually recommend a resole if it will cost 50% or less than a new pair. This is just a guide. Some people love their boots and want them resoled no matter what. It’s hard to argue with a well-broken-in pair of boots.

We can replace the soles on most welt-constructed boots and on most boots that have a “unit sole”, i.e., glued on, construction.

  • For welt-constructed hiking boots, we remove the entire sole and replacing it with the exact Vibram replacement sole or something close to the original.
  • For unit sole hikers made with a full-length lasting board, we remove the entire sole and replace it with the Vibram Bifida replacement sole.
  • For lighter-weight hikers (no welt, no full-length lasting board), we resole using an “over the top” method. That is, we grind off the worn portion of the sole and replace it with Vibram rubber.

All Hiking boot re-soles are $80 plus added costs for exceptional difficulty/extreme wear, extreme cleaning and repairs to your uppers. The best way to find out if we can resole your boots is to send us pictures through our contact page. Let us see the upper and the sole.

Resoles include a complimentary light cleaning and waterproofing