Most zippers we take in for repair need only a new slider body to get them working properly. Usually the slider body must be replaced when the pull tab is missing or when the zipper opens up behind the slider body when the zipper is being zipped. This is especially common in tents, backpacks, purses and jackets.

If the zipper teeth, insertion pin or retainer box are broken or missing, the entire zipper usually must be replaced.

We also carry a few essential accessories to keep your zippers in top shape such as:

  • Zipper Ease™ – a zipper lubricant, good for all zippers, especially metal
  • Zipper Fixer™ – replacement pull tabs for larger zippers
  • Decorative replacement pull tabs for smaller zippers
Diagram of zipper parts


Slider Replacement – Jacket$12
Slider Replacement – Shoe/Boot/Purse$15

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